Practice and Policy



Team Building

There is a process by which a group of people who do not share a common culture learn to operate effectively together


Where is your team in this process?


Kulini Research & Training  programmes have been developing award winning multi-cultural teams for more than ten years. Talk to us about your vision.


Community Engagement

Achieving high density engagement in hard to reach ethnic groups is a challenge. Kulini Research & Training  has contributed to the successful engagement of more than15 cultural groups and communities.


If you don't know where to start, or your current engagement programme is not producing the penetration you are committed to, we may be able to help.



Policy Development

In a world of constantly changing equalities law, demographics and government drivers, black and minority ethnic policy development is a continual process.


You can stay compliant and relevant with a package of automantic alerts and suggested policy refinements.


Influencing Policy

Statutory sector responsibilities to consult and include the communities they serve in policy development is a welcome tool for service user choice and control. But only if the consultation is effective and data presented clearly and powerfully.


At Kulini Research & Training  we can provide not only statistical reduction and analysis of the data collected but a robust context, compiled from the latest research, which acts as a powerful validation of the recommendations to be put forward. 


Team building

Community group training

Consultation for carers' services

Community involvement in local heritage projects